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Family Portraits September 2, 2006

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Mom sent me a box of goodies for my project.  Tucked inside were a few negatives–copies of some family portraits she had gathered years before.  I was amazed and thrilled to see the images after I scanned them!  I would count us as very lucky to have family portraits that go so far back.  (Grandpa Dickel is my great-great-great grandfather!)  If you’re unsure of who everyone is, check out the family tree.

Click on the photo below to see!

The Siewert Family

PS  Friedrich Wilhelm Siewert apparently went by his middle name, Wilhelm….

Thanks Ma!!!

Boarding House Reach July 19, 2006

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Grandpa asked, “do you want stories or facts?  Because I know lots of stories, but not so many facts!  Of course, every story contains at least one fact!”  He’s not the only one with stories that are bigger on the embellishments than the hard core facts……

All growing up I had heard about the “Boarding House Rule”.  Sitting at the table–one must keep on foot on the floor at all times–anything else goes!  Mom would tell us this at the dinner table (most likely when we were getting unruly and fighting over who got the mashed potatoes first). 

I told the little story at the beach–and no one had heard of it!  (Of course, no one had heard of the “Siewert Nose”, but that didn’t mean such a thing didn’t exist–I had seen it for myself!)  I gave it little thought at the time and later told my mom.  Well, last night she confessed!  She made up the rule.    She knew about the boarding house Matie grew up in and made up the rule!    She thought it sounded good and was plausible and (I assume) would help keep the kids in line. 

Now, I’m still fond of the story and it’s well ingrained into my personal family folklore……  So I’d like to keep it around.  But, I’ll make sure to mark it as an “embellished” story. 

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