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my mission

I am trying to collect biographical information and stories about the generations who came before me.  What were my grandparents’ lives like?  Who were my great-grandparents?  And their parents?  I want to be able to pass these stories down to my nieces and nephews and, eventually, my children as well. 

As I said goodbye to Grandma Erlah, I promised that the stories of her family would continue—that my (yet unborn) children would know her.  I never knew Grandma Headley…  or Grandma Siewert… or Norman…  etc..  But I feel their memories are alive in me.  However, I wish I knew them more.

My goal it to compile the genealogical records of the past few generations—add photos and stories—and create a coffee-table book to keep their memories alive.  This will be a tremendous task which may take a few years, but it’s a task I feel is important and worthy of the effort.  And it’s something I can’t do alone.  I ask that you share any memories you can, or stories that you have heard, and possibly some photos to help make the stories come alive.  What do you want our family members to be remembered for?  What stories do you want to pass on?

Thank you for your interest, support, and help with this endeavor!  I hope that all this hard work will result in something that everyone can be proud of, cherish, and share with many generations to come. 

Love you all,


“We all grow up with the weight of history on us.  Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies.”  ~Shirley Abbott



Family History Book
I have already made a few coffee table books with companies online.  I plan to create the book and make it available (through the publishing website) for purchase by any and all who are interested.  (In addition, the files and photos can be used in other formats as well.) 
Depending upon the amount of information I am able to compile, I may make one book for each line (Ex: Headley, Siewert; Earhart…) or make combination books.  But only time will tell! (I have a feeling that with Grandma Earhart’s help, I’ll have enough information for a good encyclopedic set on the Earhart side!)
Do you have a favorite picture you want included?  Do you have an item someone made or you inherited that captures an aspect of the person?  I’d love photos of those too! 
I would like to borrow photos, slides, or negatives for the project that I can digitally scan (to the size and file that I need) and then return to their owner.  (I know how precious these items are.  I promise to take good care of them and return them as soon as I can.)  As they are scanned, I will upload them to a shared online photo album so that they are available to all. 
This site was established to help collect and share stories.  Please feel free to contribute! 
How, you might ask?

  • Type your stories on this site in the comments section.
  • Written Contributions.  These can be mailed to me and scanned—like a photo—and included in the project.  (Please let me know if you’d like the items returned.)

        Send to:  PO Box 470784, Charlotte, NC 28247

  • Audio Recordings (I can look into posting portions of the audio interviews online for others to hear.)
    • Cassette recordings of interviews, should that be more convenient, can be mailed to me. 
    • Digital recordings can be emailed.

Again, I thank you for all of your help in making this possible!!

Upon completion of the project, I will be compiling all of the files (including images) and burn CDs or data DVDs for anyone who would like a copy.