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Granddad Rodkey’s Black Jack Gum September 10, 2006

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Black Jack Gum 

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Black Jack Gum: A Longtime Favorite

Adam’s Black Jack gum has been a favorite of gum lovers for decades. In fact, Black Jack gum is one of the oldest chewing gums in America. Dating back to before the year 1900, inventor Thomas Adams used his patented gum-making machine to manufacture Black Jack Gum. By adding licorice flavor to his previously plain tasting chewing gum, Adams created and instant hit with Black Jack Gum. Black Jack Gum sold well right up to the 1970’s. Since then it has been available only on a limited basis every few years.

Black Jack Gum: That Familiar Licorice Taste

Black Jack Gum is a favorite among licorice lovers. Each stick of Black Jack Gum bursts with that pleasant and familiar licorice taste. Licorice lovers in the United States and abroad know that Black Jack Gum provides a lasting licorice taste that they have loved for decades.

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